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Why Nifty?

Briefly - because it's one collaborative workspace for your entire team.


Establish knowledge hub

Effective project management requires having all the information that's important consolidated with the project. Nifty's project discussions enable real-time conversations and document creation with all project members and stakeholders to share ideas, finalize specifications, gather feedback, and discuss deliverables.


Set goals & expectations

Once the project requirements are in place, you can define your objectives by creating milestones that provide context for your day-to-day tasks. Milestones help you create a timeline for project goals and deliverables. Nifty's milestones engage as associated tasks are completed to reflect transparent progress and keep stakeholder expectations aligned.


Collaborate dynamically

While milestones can be defined as project objectives, tasks are actionable steps that must be completed to reach those objectives. Scattered feedback on daily tasks creates overall project friction. Nifty's flexible, Kanban-style tasks consolidate feedback and encourage forward motion as their completion advances your project's status.


Manage workflow assets

From the scope at the outset of the project to the creatives shared along the way, bring all your assets shared across discussions, tasks, and files in one central place. Nifty even integrates with your Dropbox or Google Drive account to sync seamlessly with your existing cloud solutions.


Automate progress reporting

Access automated real-time progress tracking across all your projects and teammate workloads with Nifty's Project and Team Overviews to ensure operational clarity and resource updates. No more asking "Who's working on what?" and "Where do we stand in our projects?"

What teams say about Nifty…

“I feel like we've tried every project management platform the cloud has on offer — some have proven too complex or too simplistic for our requirements. When we discovered Nifty we were overjoyed and it's been a seamless transition. The platform is robust, very intuitive and a pleasure to spend time in.”

Marc Held

Nifty is by far the best productivity tool I've ever used. They have consolidated so many tools down to one for my team, without compromising the experience.

Rim N. Kay
Software Engineer, Tech Rim Corp.

Nifty is the glue my business was missing. Its one tool that my product team, development team, and clients all use, and now everyone knows exactly where to look for updates.

Bhargav Patel

Switching to Nifty is a breeze!

Move your pre-existing projects, users, tasks, and files from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Jira quickly and easily! Nifty allows your team to pick up right where you left off without missing a beat.

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Ready to be more efficient?

Centralize your project management, team collaboration, and progress reporting to transform your team's daily workflow.

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