Nifty helps you manage all your projects in an easy, fun, and efficient way.

With Nifty, all over the place becomes all-in-one place. Every part of a project lifecycle is here.


More fluid than posts, more robust than chat. The other functions of Nifty integrate into discussions to keep your project and its all components cohesive.

Feature Integration

Tasks, docs, and files integrate with Nifty’s chat to close the gaps between feedback and action.

Multiple Discussions

Create multiple discussions to keep all relevant conversations together.


Tasks allow you to break a large idea into actionable subtasks which are then assigned to team members individually. No more guessing who’s doing what.

Conversational Subtasks

Turn to-do’s idea into actionable and conversational subtasks to eliminate multiple channels of feedback.

Organizational Tracker

Organize and follow your tasks from “Upcoming” to “In Progress” and then to “Completed” to keep track of progress.

With Nifty,
my workflow is
very efficient.

David A.

CEO at Contour Tech Group

I've never
used a
PM tool so intuitive.

Prateek S.

Managing Director, Appinventiv


Nifty’s blank canvas; this clean, collaborative doc tool keeps business requirements, project notes, and creative copy where they should be—with your project.

Take Note

Docs can be written, commented on, and rewritten in a truly collaborative fashion.

Create Flow

Collaborate with project stakeholders to map out ideas in a beautiful, conversational workspace.


Roadmap provides a visual overview of project milestones and deadlines to keep everything on track.


Set transparent, date-defined goals for your project to keep all stakeholders focused on achieving project milestones.


With daily, weekly, and monthly views for your roadmap, ensure milestone tracking as broad or precise as desired.


Conversational file sharing. Upload, share, and discuss to get work done faster and more organized.

Interactive Ecosystem

Upload files to tasks or drop them into discussions to securely store, share, and manage all your files.

File Management

The only type of file we won’t hang onto is your nail file.

You know those four or so browser tabs you always have open? Now its only one!

Nikola S. Creative Director

I finally don’t have to spend time wondering “where” and “what’s next”.

Joyti K. Billing Manager

I dropped my old PM tool for Nifty and have never looked back.

Isaac P. Project Manager

Tasks, files, documents, and discussions all in one place. Now, if only it could do my work for me...

Illia S. CTO

If Nifty was a girl, I’d ask her to marry me. We’d have such an organized wedding.

Sky C. Product Manager

Finally, an actionable, trackable, and presentable PM tool.

Omar S. Executive

If Dropbox, Trello, and Basecamp had a child, its name would be Nifty.

Jesus L. Project Manager

I never realized how much tool juggling I was doing until I started using Nifty.

Stanimir S. Project Manager