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Where project management
meets team collaboration.

Manage projects, collaborate with teammates,
and automate progress reporting with ease.

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Team Workspace

Centralized team communication, task coordination, and workflow collaboration in one place.

Project Management

Visual oversight of your workloads with automated progress reporting to keep your projects on track.

Client Collaboration

Interactive planning with automated project reporting to empower transparent client collaboration.

All parts of managing your projects are here…


Get a bird's eye view on all of your projects and see what your team members are working on.

Projects Overview

Milestones across all projects in one view for complete operational oversight.

Project Milestones & Tasks

View each project milestone broken down by their tasks to understand project objectives.

Team Overview

Track teammate updates and workloads without having to ask who's working on what.


Integrated project discussions allows for robust internal or client-facing collaboration. Direct messages provide space for one-on-one and group conversations.

Actionable Communication

Convert discussions into tasks to inspire action in your team while creativity is flowing.

Easy Collaboration

Create documents from a project's discussion channel to auto-invite all project members as collaborators.

Have you ever had more than 3-4 tabs open for project management? Nifty allows all this in just one tab and saves me so much time.

Marc Held

Nifty is by far the best productivity tool I've ever used. They have consolidated so many tools down to one for my team, without compromising the experience.

Rim N. Kay
Software Engineer, Tech Rim Corp.

Nifty is the glue my business was missing. Its one tool that my product team, development team, and clients all use, and now everyone knows exactly where to look for updates.

Bhargav Patel

Try Nifty now. Thank us later.


Tasks allow you to break a large idea into actionable subtasks which are then assigned to team members individually. No more guessing who’s doing what.

Customizable Workflow

Create custom tasklists to fit your team's workflow, or import a taskboard into Nifty to pick up where you left off.

Tie Tasks to Milestones

Define, assign, and track milestone-associated tasks while keeping task files and feedback all in one place.


Nifty’s blank canvas; this clean, collaborative doc tool keeps business requirements, project notes, and creative copy where they should be—with your project.

Flexible Creation

Docs can be collectively written, commented on, and rewritten in a truly collaborative fashion.

Multi-Level Collaboration

Collaborate with your project members in real-time and share with others through public-URLs.


Roadmap provides a visual overview of project milestones and deadlines to keep everything on track.

Set Milestones

Set transparent, date-defined goals for your project to keep all stakeholders focused on achieving project milestones.

Track Progress

Tasks connected to milestones reflect in Roadmap Milestones, giving your daily workflow a big-picture context.

Switching to Nifty is a breeze!

Move your pre-existing projects, users, tasks, and files from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Jira quickly and easily! Nifty allows your team to pick up right where you left off without missing a beat.

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Conversational file sharing. Upload, share, and discuss to get work done faster and more organized.

Automated File-Sorting

Upload files to project tasks or drop them into discussions to securely store, share, and filter all your files within your projects.

Interactive Feedback

File comments facilitate interactive discussions and feedback on your file uploads.