Cohesive Spec Sheet

By creating a spec doc directly in the General discussion of the project, all members of the team are automatically invited with View & Comment permission. The document can be easily referenced in the Docs section of your project and questions can be carified as comments.

Sprint Schedule

Project Managers define goal-oriented sprints as milestones to organize project objectives with start and end dates. This gives both the developers and managers actionable and tracklable context to their daily workflow.

Customizable Workflow

Developers love how they can mold Nifty's taskboard to fit their team's workflow. Also, with the task filter tool, team members and managers can keep track of tasks by assignees' with utmost ease.

Agile Feedback

The team breaks features into individual tasks with subtasks to account for every last item on the spec doc. Tasks can be tied to their appropriate milestone to facilitate actionable and trackable management through project roadmap. FeedbackS can be left as comments and screenshots on each task, resulting in a seamless, actionable agile environment.

Organizational Oversight

Project admins (managers) can reference the Project and Team Overview screens to keep an eye on all of the projects and their member's workloads across the organization to maximize team output and minimize managerial guesswork.