Campaign Discussions

Team will discuss how to structure and plan for their campaigns in the General discussions of the project (additional discussion channels can be created to separate discussions for different campaigns). After a healthy discussion (and a few Direct Messages amongst team members), the team is ready to formalize their campaigns schedule.

Planning Marketing Schedule

Teams will plan their upcoming campaign schedules on the Roadmap tool to ensure their marketing efforts are coordinated and consistent. Each milestone will have start and end dates to calculate the entire project's completion date that reflects in the Projects' Overview screen.

Structuring Campaigns

Tasks are used to organize the individual tasks pertaining to campaigns their tied to. With Nifty, it's easy to ensure all of the channels that a message needs to reach is planned for and shaped accordingly. The tasklists can be customized with custom lists to fit your team's existing workflow.

Honing the Message

Collaborative docs allow teammates to work together as they craft meaningful campaign messages that inspire action in their target audience. Additionally, these docs can be shared with your clients for feedback by inviting them to the project or by sharing the doc's public URL.

Marketing Collateral & Assets

Its easy to find all of the creatives for upcoming emails, ads, and other campaigns, as everything uploaded to the project can be found and sorted in the Files section of the project. Each file can be commented on to enable finalization of the creatives through discussions that are reflected directly inside files via comments.