Your team is discussing their next sprint for implementing a new feature into their digital product. After a healthy project discussion (and a few Direct Messages amongst team members), everyone is ready to begin creating a spec doc.


A document is formulated for the product team to cearly define the new feature from a functional standpoint. Comments are used to clarify questions from designers and developers who want a better understanding of how the flow should work.

Task Delineation

Designers and developers are given tasks tied to their Roadmap milestones for their stage of the sprint. Files and feedback are kept on the individual tasks to keep everything organized and actionable.

Progress Tracking

Sprints are monitored on a high level from the roadmap screen to observe the progress of smaller, intra-sprint milestones based on the completion of the tasks assigned to them.

File Management

The team can rest easy knowing that all their project assets and files are organized with their project -- no more searching through their bevy of cloud storage accounts or emails to find the items they need.

Organizational Oversight

Project admins (managers) can reference the Project and Team Overview screens to keep an eye on all of the projects and their member's workloads across the organization to maximize team output and minimize managerial guesswork.