Client Project Management

Nifty automates reporting for your clients.

Never lose a client due to poor communication again. Manage client projects, deliveries, and communications in one place.

Set Goals & Timelines

Set a visual timeline for your project milestones and automate progress reporting for your clients as tasks within them are completed. Learn more


Collaborate on Tasks

Organize, prioritize, and collaborate on tasks with built-in automations using Kanban, Board, Timeline, Calendar, or Swimlane views. Learn more


Establish Knowledge Hub

Empower clients to share ideas, finalize specifications, & gather feedback in real-time with chat and one-click video calls. Learn more


Create Docs & Wikis

Create beautiful docs, notes, and wikis for your projects and share with anyone. Nifty even integrates natively with Google Docs. Learn more


Build Native Forms

Build beautiful forms to capture the data you need while automating submissions as tasks, docs, or project messages. Learn more


Automate Reporting

Access automated progress reporting across all your projects and team activities to ensure operational clarity. Learn more

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Client Project Management Made Easy

Enhance your client management process and build stronger client relationships.

Stay in Control

Hide specific internal conversations, tasks, and milestones from your clients to ensure they only see what you want them to see.

Stay in Control

Automate Progress Tracking

Automate your project's progress for clients to see based on the completion of connected tasks.

Automate Progress Tracking

Track Billable Hours

Record and export time spent on case efforts to easily stay on top of the managerial aspects of the case.

Track Billable Hours

Keep a Record

Keep track of all your interactions and deliverables with timestamps and activity logs on tasks to avoid any miscommunications.

Keep a Record

Streamline Responsibilities

Assign tasks to your clients to notify them about what's needed and by when to reduce unnecessary meetings and naggings.

Streamline Responsibilities

Expedite Feedback Gathering

Engage in real-time discussions that travel with you on our mobile apps to speed up discussions and feedback gathering.

Expedite Feedback Gathering

Try Nifty for free, thank us later!

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Nifty is acclaimed for its
design and performance ✨

Nifty Project Management 3.0 - Chats, tasks, docs, roadmaps & workflow automations. | Product Hunt

Nifty is a product that excels in many client environments. The ease of use makes it a powerful tool for managing our client portfolio.

Stefan Schmidt
Executive Partner, Hemmersbach

“I feel like we've tried every project management platform the cloud has on offer — some have proven too complex or too simplistic for our requirements. Nifty has been a perfectly seamless transition.”

Marc Held

Nifty is by far the best productivity tool I've ever used. They have consolidated so many tools down to one for my team, without compromising the experience.

Rim N. Kay
Engineering Lead, Emovis

Nifty is the glue my business was missing. Its one tool that my product team, development team, and clients all use, and now everyone knows exactly where to look for updates.

Bhargav Patel
Founder, IQM

Nifty is one of the most beautiful looking management tools on the market! This matters because customers are usually charmed by its aesthetics and intuitiveness.

Marek Murawski
Project Manager, Mrvsky

“My team and I have been using Nifty for about a year now, and it's been critical to our success in project planning and communication. ”

Dave Braun
CEO, Pro Website Creators

In the world full of PM tools, Nifty is awesome and stand apart. Tried the "big" players and just keep coming back to Nifty.

Dele Omotosho
Entrepreneur, Legal Tech

We are huge Nifty fans! We use it to run our accounting firm and manage all our tasks and internal communication. Highly recommend it!

Spencer Jones
Owner, Proact CFO

We are huge Nifty fans! We use it to run our accounting firm and manage all our tasks and internal communication. Highly recommend it!

Spencer Jones
Owner, Proact CFO

Nifty is a tool that gets used consistently, don't know why but this is such an exception over other tools that got implemented only to be ignored by my team.

Raj Nadar
Founder, Sales Development Solutions

“Great tool! We have been using it for over a year and the new features are very regular! It allows us to manage our technical roadmap as well as our newsletter strategy.”

Loryanne Taste
Business Developer

Nifty is amazing! I use it daily with my team and it's help my business grow by giving my team and I the tools needed to connect and stay on track

Warren Wheeler
Internet Marketer

I've been using Nifty for over two years now and have found it to be an extremely reliable project management tool. I don't think I'll ever switch to another PM again.

Alex Carvalho
Design Director

“Nifty is super awesome. I invested in a lot of different products over the years and nothing compares to how professional Nifty is.”

Rafał Piątek
CEO, iTeach

Nifty PM is pretty nifty! It's like having my own accountability partner, which is very important to me. I don't get anything done without it. So many great features, a super sexy UI design.

Yvens Ulysse Jr.
Digital Marketing Strategist

A non-bloated, well structured, straightforward to use, task, project and portfolio management solution by a visionary team that supports its product well.

Alexander Deliyannis
Technical Project Manager
Powerful Unification

It’s so easy to be efficient

Team alignment, productivity, & smarter decisions come naturally when your data is not fragmented across multiple tools.

Import into Nifty

Import from Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, and Wrike — or import your .CSV & Excel sheets to pick up right where you left off.

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Native Integrations

We integrate with all of your favorite tools to make it easy to push and sync data without disrupting your workflow. Whether you’re in engineering, design, management or sales — we have you covered.

See all integrations

Workflow Automations

Let Nifty take care of your busy work with custom if/then automations so you can save time & focus on things that really matter.

See all automations

Custom Embeds

Embed thousands of third party apps and websites across projects, tasks, and docs in Nifty to bring all phases of a project's lifecycle in one place.

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