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3 More Spooky Project Monsters

Updated on June 17, 2021By
Spooky Project Monsters

Dreary trees bend as inanimate towers over the dank autumn fields of business. The summer’s heat breaks and primes the cool, dwelling chill of the impending holiday freeze. Workforce hordes, “fresh” from their summer vacationing, re-enter the daily slog and transform — perhaps unwittingly — into beasts of business brainrot.

Be weary that your team, or perhaps even you yourself, are not one of them.

The Workflow Zombie

Trudging aimlessly through their workday is the Workflow Zombie. Their once vibrant brains, formerly teeming with creativity and thoughtfulness, spilled out many moons ago, leaving an unanimated, demotivated husk to amble in its place. With no clear reason behind their daily objectives, and no context as to how their actions benefit the organization as a whole, these poor creatures stumble through their daily tasks without the spark of life.

One might say they’ve lost sight of milestones, and instead, traded them for headstones.

The Red Tape Mummy

Wrapped in its sanguine shawl of bureaucracy, the Red Tape Mummy haunts project timelines and hinders progress by way of unclear processes and pending approvals. That creaking sound you hear? Its your project screeching to a halt, and its the same sound as the sarcophagus door swinging open. The Red Tape mummy has no need for organs of its own, as it enjoys training the life out of a project’s pace.

Beware of being snared in this beast’s wraps, for untangling your project from its trappings may drain your will to live.

The Wherewolf

Night has fallen and the moon stretches wide over the darkened sky. Finally, your workday is finished.

Or so you thought.

This is the hour of the Wherewolf. Ambivalent to work hours (weekends be damned!) and overjoyed by your multiple-tools solution, the Wherewolf hounds you with questions that should have transparent answers.

Where do we stand in our project?

Where can I find our latest file version?

Where was that email detailing client approval?

The Wherewolf’s fangs tear through you in your private hours via email or your devoted chat tool. And who’s to blame? This creature relishes the opportunity to exploit your broken workflow, and instead makes you its victim.

The Light of Workflow Hope

Your team needn’t be lost in the dark wood of workflow obscurity, as Nifty’s shining light of team hope can guide you through these witching hours. By animating your team’s daily tasks through context-driven milestones, enforcing and automating process across projects, and creating a single source of project and content consolidation, Nifty will help you and your team live to see the morning light.

Give Nifty a free try today! 🎉

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