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Best Legal Case Management Software for Law Firms

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Legal Case Management Software

To say legal systems are steeped in tradition is a grave understatement, but that the rules that guide your nation’s justice infrastructure predate sliced bread doesn’t mean your management process should as well.

Melding the tried-and-true methodologies of old with new-wave project management for law firms will bring clarity and organization to your firm’s caseload and help you beat your client’s expectations.

Improving your case organization

Operating beyond your personal caseload threshold can be a dangerous thing as your work, your clients, and your firm will suffer. Yet your threshold is likely determined not by your aptitude, but by the scalability of your management process.

Let’s start by simplifying your daily workload into three key aspects:

  • File & Doc organization
  • Tasks, appointments, and objectives
  • Client communication

A legal case management software such as Nifty allows you to organize all of these aspects within your portfolio into specific projects for every case.

Nifty’s Attorney Portfolio Dashboard

Not only does this add considerable organization throughout your case, but it simplifies the process of reviewing cases after they’ve closed to better understand and improve your process.

Centralizing case tasks and objectives

Each of your cases has its own timelines and objectives, as well as the individual tasks that are required to ensure you are prepared for client meetings, firm reviews, and court dates.

Nifty’s Attorney Portfolio Dashboard

Laying out these objectives as Milestones helps you visualize what needs to be done by when, and individual tasks automate these Milestone’s completion to reflect the progress that you’ve made towards these time-sensitive objectives.

Since many cases follow similar processes that adjust to per-case variances, mechanisms such as Project Templates and Recurring Tasks work to automate much of the managerial leg work, leaving you to focus on the meaningful aspects of your role in the case.

Consolidating case materials

Nifty’s Attorney Portfolio Dashboard

Digitizing document storage and consolidating your case materials into a digital portfolio is the first step to reducing managerial headaches. Bring your external documents into a project as Files, or create papers, legal notes, and other documents internally through Nifty’s built-in document management.

Bolstering client management

You may optionally decide to include your client into this project, or share specific aspects of this project with your client to ensure that your communication of timelines and progress is aligned and exceeds client expectations.

This works hand-in-hand with tracking billable hours on the specific tasks and meetings of the case.

Heightening your firm’s scalability

Your (and your fellow lawyers’) ability to create an automated, scalable process of case management benefits your firm directly from a reporting and caseload standpoint.

Partners are able to see the progress of each case in the firm and help detect potential points of concern before they reach a point of affecting your performance or your case’s outcome.

Case in point

By no means should tools for lawyers change what you’re doing — rather, it should make what you’re doing easier. Tradition and methodology are good things, and modernizing and automating the way you and your firm work simply serves to expand the capabilities of your team and improve the results for your clients and firm, the result of which is leaving all parties involved with a sense of compos mentis.

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