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How an AI Product Team Boosted their Agile Workflow Efficiency by over 50%

Updated on June 17, 2021By

When designing and developing their AI voter insight platform, IQM needed a cross-organizational tool that simplified their complicated work day by consolidating communications, specs, and files, as well as a place to chart product progress — all in one place.

“Before Nifty, our team’s efforts felt disconnected and compartmentalized. Managing my clients, designers, and developers in different places made it difficult to see the big picture.” — Bhargav Patel, IQM Founder and CEO

Closing the Product Gap

Nifty solved IQM’s daily workflow woes and increased productivity by over 50% in comparison to their existing fragmented solution by providing a product experience that unifies ideation with creation by:

  • Managing design and development sprints in one place
  • Tracking product milestone progress by completing sprint tasks
  • Consolidating specs, documents, and design assets
  • Unifying team communication and collaboration
Nifty dashboard

“Nifty is the glue my business was missing. Its one tool that my product team, development team, and clients all use, and now everyone knows exactly where to look for updates.”

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