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How German IT giant Hemmersbach increased employee buy-in by 100% using Nifty

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Nifty - Hemmersbach

Hemmersbach is a Germany-based Global IT services provider with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector. With over 4,000 permanent employees in 40 subsidiaries, they offer IT & Sales services in more than 190 countries.

Multiple departments from Operations to Engineering and Marketing use Nifty for their workflow management at Hemmersbach.


Marketing team – uses Nifty to automatically assign team members to campaign tasks based on their role. This is done by simply assigning key members to task status lists and whenever a new task is created within that status, the member is automatically assigned and notified of the task.

Operations team – uses Nifty daily for workload analysis and balancing by measuring tasks assigned to members based on timeline view.

Engineering team – uses Nifty to manage and automate their sprint progress based on tasks tied to milestones that are completed.


“Managing client expectations and communications effectively are key to a project’s success.” — Randall Davis, Executive Partner at Hemmersbach

Why Hemmersbach decided to manage their daily workflow using Nifty

When assessing tools for client and portfolio management, Nifty’s ease of use and collaborative environment were key decision-making factors.

Hemmersbach wanted a tool to manage their internal and client facing initiatives that would scale gracefully into an organization of their breadth.

How Hemmersbach uses Nifty to manage their timelines and expectations

For Hemmersbach, the most important value Nifty provided was what their Clients didn’t see. Milestones and tasks within a project can be hidden from clients allowing the managing members to further project initiatives while keeping public data more delivery-based for the stakeholders. Additionally, clients are able to join in on projects without much training, which means client buy-in into the management process is relatively seamless.

  • Hemmersbach manages its client initiatives by leveraging the Guest role in projects.
  • External project stakeholders can actively partake and review the project scope defined in Docs.
  • From there, the project Discussions serve as the stand-up hub for updates and feedback.
  • Clients can review and approve Tasks which upon completion automate the progression of project Milestones.
  • Sales & Marketing teams can then take action based off approvals and circle around with any relative data points.

“Nifty is a product that excels in many client environments. Its ease of use makes it a powerful tool for managing our client portfolio.” — Stefan Schmidt, Executive Partner at Hemmersbach.

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