How Nifty 3.5 Will Streamline Your Day-to-Day Workflow

Nifty 3.5

I’m Shiv Kapoor, Nifty’s founder and CEO. Six years into Nifty’s journey, I can’t help but stop and reflect on how far we’ve come as a product and a business.

We’re proud to have built a business that continues to grow and hire more talented individuals from around the world during a period in which most of our competition is cutting jobs, but our ability to grow as has ultimately hinged on our passionate users.

It blows my mind to think about how radically different Nifty 1.0 looked compared to today. If you haven’t had a chance to see it before, take a peek:

Nifty’s evolution as a product is the result of long hours and dedicated work from our team in conjunction with the invaluable feedback our customers continue to give. There’s absolutely no way we’d be where we are today without the passionate input from our users, and so I cannot thank you enough for sharing your thoughts on what would make Nifty the best collaboration experience in the world.

And so, this massive Nifty 3.5 update is dedicated to you ❤️

This update compiles usability suggestions, workflow improvements, functionality updates, and integrations that you’ve been outspoken about. While Nifty’s evolution as a product and a business is a never-ending journey, this next step is entirely fueled by the input we’ve received in the last year by all of you.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to dive into the updates Nifty 3.5 has to offer!

We Revamped our Interface & Experience

  • We’ve streamlined Nifty’s interface to remove redundant actions or excessive information. We believe productivity begins with the space you’re in, and Nifty should bring peace of mind when you look at it.
  • Projects and Portfolios can be manually reordered on your lefthand sidebar via drag-and-drop.
  • Form submission and Calendly Tasks are now created by Nifty Orbit and not the person who created the Form or integration.
  • We have made significant performance and scalability updates to our tasks and other key functions. On average they load at least 5x faster than before!

Introducing Lists

We felt that workflows that did not utilize Milestones were missing an organizational tier on our Task board, so we’ve taken a new approach to our Tasks and Roadmap by introducing Lists.

  • Lists are collections of Tasks that have relevance amongst each other within a Task board, similar to a Milestone. A List can then be added to the Roadmap to be tracked as a Milestone.
  • Group by: Milestone on our Task board is now Group By: List and will show both Lists and Milestones side by side.
  • Swimlane will show Lists as well as Milestones along the left side.
  • The “Milestone” column in List Views will be renamed to List.
  • We’ve added a lot more flexibility in our Task board to offer more sorting and rearranging in our Group by screens.
  • Tasks can now be expanded to show their Subtasks in both List and Kanban views.
  • Project’s Roadmaps will default to Auto-milestones so you can easily add a List to a Roadmap as Milestone without disturbing your Task Dates. This will not impact any active projects using Manual Mode.

Cascading Dependencies

  • Changing Task due dates will now automatically update other Tasks that are connected via a dependency. Shifting the due date of a Task into the future will shift all Task Start and Due dates dependent on it (or part of a dependency chain) by the same amount of days.
  • Moving a Task’s due date up will similarly shift all Tasks ahead of it by the same amount of days. Be sure to enable auto-mode on your roadmap if want your Milestones to adjust accordingly as well!

Streamlined Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields within the projects have been streamlined to be workspace based.
  • Nifty now recognizes a Library field as the same field in other Projects, consolidating your cross-project grouping and reporting on custom fields created from your library.

Powerful Recurring V2

  • Recurring Tasks have been hugely updated to allow for an independent start, due, and recurring dates, meaning you have more control over Tasks as they are recreated.
  • We’ve revised our recurring parameter system to expand the date options by which a Task can recur with custom start and off-set dates.
  • We’ve also added advanced options so you can select which information to recur as part of the task such as descriptions, custom fields, subtasks, start and due dates etc.


  • Custom domain can now be easily set up using DNS configuration. Our help guide has been updated to assist with your implementation.

New Integrations, Automations, & API Improvements

  • We’re continuing to weave our native integrations into our automations tool. We’ve released an automation-based integration with Calendly and JIRA, and similar automation-based integrations are being launched for GitHub, GitLab, Email, and many more.
  • Our Zapier integration has been rebuilt from the ground up using OAuth to allow greater flexibility and the ability to now authenticate via an SSO.
  • We’ve released a v2 of our API fixing endpoints, adding new endpoints, and providing examples of requests.

Upcoming Mobile Apps

  • New mobile apps are on the way for iOS and Android with streamlined performance, better task search, filters, and sorting, along with many reported bug fixes.

Be sure to check out our change log for the full breadth of updates! ✨

What’s Next for Nifty?

As mentioned, the quest to perfect Nifty is never finished. We have some big things planned in our near-term pipeline, including:

  • Goals – Track goals across projects and portfolios within your Workspace to align big-picture team objectives.
  • Resource & Reporting – Customize your resource distribution and reporting to your exact needs.
  • AI – AI will be deployed in a variety of exciting ways within Nifty.
  • IntegrationsMore native integrations are in the pipeline with a fully dedicated integrations team at Nifty now.

On behalf of the entire Nifty team, I’d like to thank you for continuing to support us and sharing your ideas about how Nifty can be even better. ❤️