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How to Improve Facility Maintenance using Agile Project Management (Guide)

Updated on July 27, 2023By
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Managing the maintenance, renting, and sale of a real estate portfolio can be a messy proposition that becomes increasingly complicated as the portfolio grows.

This is why Real Estate and Facility maintenance teams all around the world are using Nifty to modernize their property management methodology to ensure proper processes are followed and nothing slips through the cracks.

Nifty provides organization, actionability, and clarity across a company’s portfolio, allowing them to scale gracefully while exceeding expectations at every turn.


Nifty’s project portfolios allow you to bundle projects together to be managed by a specific admin or multiple members. These portfolios are often grouped by managers or brokers to help them visualize the tasks and timelines for each building.

Within a project, milestones are used to chart long-term initiatives, such as renovations or transactions. These initiatives are propelled forward by the completion of the smaller tasks that bring you closer to your goals.

Milestone inside Nifty

Additionally, brokers and managers love that documents relevant to each building can be stored within each project’s Docs and Files sections for quick and easy reference.


Now that a portfolio’s manager has visualized what needs to be done across their properties and the steps that need to be taken to reach these goals, Nifty helps them plan their workload in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Nifty’s My Tasks breaks down your tasks across your properties by priority and deadline to help you focus on what needs immediate attention while keeping sight of what’s coming down the road.

Nifty’s My Tasks


While the real estate portfolio empowers managers to oversee their buildings, Nifty’s Overview and My Tasks tools give cross-organizational insight and clarity as to the health of the company’s entire portfolio.

Nifty’s Overview

Manage More With Less Effort

Growing your real estate portfolio and handling rent collection while ensuring your current facilities are managed properly are among the largest challenges for large, decentralized property management teams.

Nifty’s organization and actionability allow you to scale your portfolio without bursting any pipes along the way! The ability to see the big picture while honing in on the building and unit-specific details is why companies such as FirstTeam and Rever trust their portfolios to Nifty!

Ready to manage your portfolios? Try Nifty for free today!

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