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3 Ways Nifty Transformed the Automotive Industry for This Startup

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Nifty x Schmicko Case Study

Nifty has been the versatile Swiss army knife for an automotive tech start-up, Schmicko. They specialize in professional mobile car care services, held together tightly with smart technology, starting with Nifty.

With so many moving parts of the business, from onsite technical services to customer service, marketing, and so on, it becomes incredibly easy to get caught up in daily activities instead of the ‘main objectives’.

As we could all agree on, time is better spent on the business than inside the business and this is exactly what Nifty has helped them achieve.

Nifty x Schmicko’s Growth Story

Below are some of the areas that Nifty’s smart features have helped transform their teams into a well-oiled machine, churning out success.

Timely Orchestrated Marketing

Marketing is a time-intensive task that demands consistency and more importantly quality input each time. It is something that cannot be just set and forgotten because trends and tastes are forever evolving and changing. If you are outdated, you are deemed old and therefore fall behind the trend.

Nifty has enabled them to free up extra time through the help of delegating tasks between each department within the business and automatically assigning specific people according to what stage of the Marketing Cycle the task was in.

This significantly reduced the amount of time wasted caused by miscommunications, whether it would be tasks done twice, left unattended, or simply not passed onto the relevant person. Fewer mistakes allowed for better use of time overall, and automation has been a savior.

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Never worry about handing in tasks late again, with the help of due date deadlines and prompt notifications, Nifty essentially became the glue that held their Marketing teams together in sync.

It automated everything from the design, construction, and approval all the way to the scheduling with ease, passing through multiple sets of eyes and teams.

All it took was for 1 person to forget to delay the entire process, but with the use of deadline-triggered alerts, Marketing became much more seamless as it became less prone to human error.


Some say that execution is the key ingredient to success, but what is execution without communication? Instant tagging and notifications have kept all departments operating at full efficiency as interdependent structures at no compromise.

With so many goals in place, it really tied it all together neatly as all related departments can see who is working on what, why, and when.

This level of transparency through Nifty’s dashboard, milestone, and dependency features allowed for the business to develop more cohesion between teams. Large objectives were broken down into smaller achievable goals and all departments could see this.

An important note to consider is that when there is purpose and direction, delegating tasks became so much easier between teams as all could understand the overarching goal at hand.

Nifty for Communication

Upon evaluation, it was realized many tasks and great ideas fly under the radar and at times do not get done or simply get lost. At least with the onset of clear list and Kanban views, all members could clearly see what tasks were due, when, and by who, creating a reliable level of accountability.

Training and Education

Nifty has allowed them to build out robust SOPs to ensure that both new and existing staff were able to further their education and ultimately sharpen their skills. These were always regularly updated by all members and eventually built a library of relevant and more importantly dynamic fresh content.

You will never realize the true convenience and power behind SOPs and a library of resources until you have lost a staff member and must spend months training a new person. 

Improved Training and Education using Nifty

As for the on-road technicians, they too could access their own library of resources relating to their field of work. Success generally takes a nosedive the moment you stop investing in your team and in this case, their education, and development.

Team members would regularly update and tag each other when new content was uploaded which built a strong community of technicians who were so open to helping each other out.

All in all, Nifty has become an important ingredient to success for Schmicko with its ability to build yet simplify big projects into small achievable goals across all departments of the business.

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