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The 3 Spooky Project Monsters

Updated on June 17, 2021By
Executive Manager

Biting winds lash the air this time of year. Your business cycle sees the Big Freeze on the horizon, but before it arrives, it must first manage the malignant figures of your current project status. These abhorrent project nightmares attempt to haunt your daily operations, and if you’re not careful, they’ll barge right into your office and eat your brain(power)!

The Budget Vampire

Management’s greatest fear! With its menacing fangs and hipster haircut, the Budget Vampire lurks in the shadowy, unproductive corners of daily operations. He preys upon the unorganized, uncommunicative, and miscalculated, and if your manager isn’t willing to stick their neck out in sacrifice, you just may find this sultry figure breathing down yours.

The Headless Manager

With their task cutlass in hand and upon their fiery steed, the Headless Manager barks orders and readies their troops to charge — but in which direction is anyone’s guess. Blind thrusts pierce lunch hour with unpredictable, irrational messages and deadlines. Their next wild swing may just be the felling blow for your project.

The Banshee Client

Their deafening wail inhabits your inbox, your voicemails, and perhaps even your lobby as they search ravenously for project updates and predicted deadlines. This incarnation of frenzy is known to spike blood pressure, or worse, cause heads to rolls. And make no mistake, the longer the Banshee Client is ignored, the more powerful they grow.

Be warned, reader, for these figures prowl beneath a pale moon in search of project turmoil. But with Nifty Project Management, you are equipped to ward away these curses. Complete with resource management, deadline and task overviews, and communication amongst teammates and clients, Nifty is the light that guides your project in the darkest of hours.

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