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10 Best Procurement Management Software in 2024: A Handy Guide

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Procurement Management Software

Adopting the best procurement management software can streamline expense management and boost efficiency. This approach transforms the procurement process into a value-driven, results-oriented system that stakeholders will appreciate.

To make this a reality, teams are turning to procurement tools to maximize resource value. And leaders are giving the go-ahead for AI and automation to refine operations and achieve better outcomes.

In this post, we’ll explore the standout features of top procurement software tools and highlight the top 10 companies leading the market. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to elevate your procurement process and drive productivity as well as success.

What Is Procurement Management Software?

Procurement management software offers businesses an efficient way to optimize their purchasing processes. It includes everything from selecting vendors and managing expenses to streamlining supplier collaboration and overseeing contracts.

Procurement capabilities are typically found in standalone products, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and large-scale accounting systems.

The right procurement tool can automate routine tasks and consolidate all your procurement-related activities into one platform. As such, it facilitates better teamwork among procurement teams, allows for real-time tracking, and supports data-informed decision-making.

Procurement software focuses on centralizing and automating the purchasing process, managing suppliers, and providing better visibility into spending patterns.

As supply chains grow more complex and the demand for quick decisions rises, this software has emerged as the foundation for companies of all sizes, forms, and scopes.

Top 10 Procurement Management Software in 2024

1. Nifty 

Nifty, best Procurement Management Software

Nifty is an all-in-one project management software that can empower teams to manage complex procurement projects. Its comprehensive features allow your team to dive into granular-level detail and ensure all aspects of procurement are accounted for.

Plus, you can build custom workflows that are tailored to your procurement processes. For instance, you can set up different stages for tasks, such as sourcing, negotiation, and contract finalization, and move tasks through these stages as they progress.

Another advantage of using Nifty is that it automates key parts of your workflow (think: send reminders, update task statuses, automate milestone progress, etc.) to lower manual workload and ensure consistency across procurement processes.

Finally, Nifty integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems and organizes all your procurement data in one place. If you need to track procurement metrics and gain insights into your processes, Nifty generates reports on task completion times, supplier performance, and budget adherence.

Key Features:

  • Task management: Nifty’s task management feature helps procurement teams stay organized and on top of their responsibilities.
    • Create, assign, and manage tasks with ease, and ensure everyone knows their role and what’s expected of them
    • Break down complex projects into subtasks
    • Use task dependencies to maintain proper workflow order
  • Custom fields: Nifty’s Custom Fields feature helps you to categorize and track procurement-specific information such as supplier details, contract numbers, delivery dates, and more within your tasks:
custom fields

With this powerful feature, you can define specific data points on both task and project levels and manage virtually any type of data efficiently, such as budget, URL, email, currency, location, and more:

powerful procurement management features in Nifty
  • AI templates: Nifty’s AI templates are a godsend for procurement teams. You can create entire project workflows, all with a single prompt. Simply add the prompt and click the Generate button:
Nifty's AI templates

The AI tool will generate the task name, description, etc., for you. You can always tweak fields such as dates, assignees, etc. to your procurement project’s dates:

You can paste functional specifications and get categorized content such as Lists, Tasks, and Statuses to organize your workflow.

  • Guest invites: Nifty simplifies client communication, expectation setting, and progress sharing. Guest access allows clients, suppliers, and freelancers to participate in specific projects without giving them full access to your workspace. This ensures that everyone involved in the procurement process can stay informed and contribute as needed:
Invite guest in Nify

While Guests have restricted access, they can still:

  • Complete and comment on tasks
  • Join discussions
  • Upload and create documents as well as files


  • Given there are so many features, some users find the user interface to be a little intimidating


  • Free plan offers a generous free forever plan with unlimited users and tasks.
  • Starter plan starts at just $5/user.
  • Pro plan begins at $10/user.
  • Business plan comes at $16/user.
  • An Enterprise plan is also available upon request

    G2 review: (4.7/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.6/5 stars)

    Ready to simplify your procurement management?
    Use Nifty

    2. Procurify 


    Procurify is one of the best procurement tools for supplier management. Small—to mid-sized organizations will find it useful for centralizing purchasing data, reporting requisitions, building purchase orders, and tracking expenses.

    Key Features:

    • Custom procurement workflow templates based on business use cases and needs
    • In-app communication
    • Ready-to-use templates for quick ordering of supplies
    • Purchase requests standardize the purchasing process and ensure smooth transitions from request to payment
    • Purchase order management allows you to track and approve purchase orders and capture all necessary information for the accounts payable team
    • Allows users to create and submit standardized expense requests from desktop or mobile
    • Contract management helps store contracts in a centralized repository and track current spending against the total contract value
    • Functions as purchasing software that automates the purchase process and reduces cycle time


    • Level of customization in the tool is limiting, according to some users
    • Sometimes, the search filters don’t work efficiently
    • The new UI has a steep learning curve
    • The tool does not offer features for inventory management

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4.6/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.6/5 stars)

    3. Procol 

    Procol, top procurement management software

    Procol is an end-to-end procurement management software that gives you more control over how you spend and achieve cost savings. Its Intake Management functionality helps your team understand how to leverage unmanaged spending throughout the purchase approval process. Whether you want to streamline purchase requests or get speedy approvals, Procol comes in handy.

    Key Features:

    • Mobile-first app for ultimate convenience to users as they can manage procurement tasks on the go and ensure flexibility as well as efficiency without being tied to a desktop
    • AI-enabled procurement tool for accurate predictions and results
    • Sourcing Pro feature caters to your specific needs based on industry and category (think: project sourcing, indirect sourcing, strategic sourcing, etc.)
    • Minimal learning curve with seamless navigation


    • The tool does not offer a Payment feature
    • It has too many modules, which can be clubbed as per some users

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4.8/5 stars)

    Capterra review: NA

    Procol is a cool tool. But Nifty is better.
    Know why

    4. Spendflo


    Spendflo is a tried-and-tested SaaS procurement tool that offers insights into price benchmarking data. It streamlines the SaaS procurement process and enables you to optimize your SaaS tool stack by right-sizing current contracts and making strategic decisions for future purchases.

    Key Features:

    • Assisted Buying feature allows you to leverage the expertise of experienced SaaS procurement experts who will handle your purchases and run them on autopilot
    • Vendor Intelligence offers access to an in-depth product catalog with pricing insights to help you make a strategic choice
    • Intake-to-Procure streamlines collaboration with a centralized procurement process accelerates procurement with an intuitive purchase request system, connects stakeholders, and provides pre-approval requests
    • Seamless integration with tools such as Slack for timely alerts
    • SaaS Management feature uses AI-powered data extraction to help track spending, usage, and savings


    • The integrations offered are limited
    • Reporting on licensing and utilization ratio is restricted

    Pricing: Starts at $18,000/year

    G2 review: (4.7/5 stars)

    Capterra review: NA

    5. Coupa 


    Coupa is a robust procurement platform that optimizes your financial management. While it boasts a variety of functionalities, its primary strength lies in managing expenditures within procurement workflows.

    By integrating the entire source-to-pay process, Coupa aims to enhance your operating margins. This feature makes it an invaluable asset for procurement professionals.

    With Coupa, you can effectively oversee working capital and forecast budgets. that’s not all. The platform also provides automation features to simplify contracting, purchasing, invoice approvals, and supplier relationship management.

    Key Features:

    • Procure to Pay offers complete visibility into how you spend with AI insights and automated workflows
    • Source-to-Pay connects your purchasing workflows and maximizes margins
    • Coupa’s suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications enhances the value of your procurement spend
    • Intelligent intake helps employees find what they need by surfacing preferred products and alerting them to discounted pricing
    • Modern intake and orchestration capabilities streamline the procurement process
    • Coupa integrates with ERP and accounting systems to consolidate financial operations


    • The tool can be clunky sometimes, as per some users
    • Users also report that the notifications are voluminous

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4.2/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.1/5 stars)

    6. ProcureDesk: Leading procurement management software


    Want to negotiate better deals with your vendors? ProcureDesk is for you. A leading procurement management software, this tool streamlines and automates the purchasing process.

    With a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, ProcureDesk offers a wide range of features to support procurement teams and empower employees to shop independently. From controlling and automating the purchasing flow to providing real-time spend visibility, ProcureDesk drives efficient procurement management.

    Key Features:

    • Independent Shopping lets employees shop independently, track orders, and log receipts in the system
    • Advanced features such as e-invoicing, vendor portals, three-way invoice matching, and integrations with ERPs, accounting software, and business intelligence tools
    •  Free white-glove onboarding to help users get up and running quickly, with personalized assistance in setting up and configuring the platform 


    • The expense management module is half-baked, as per some users, and it needs to be improved upon


    • Purchasing Automation: $415/mo, billed annually
    • Purchasing & AP Automation: $680/mo, billed annually
    • Enterprise: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.8/5 stars)

    7. Pluto


    Want granular control over vendor-specific corporate cards for budget control and expense monitoring? Need software that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, Dynamics, and more? Pluto is a procurement management software worth looking into.

    This comprehensive procure-to-pay solution streamlines and enhances your procurement and AP processes. It integrates seamlessly with your ERP system and serves as a layer to manage various stages of the procurement process efficiently.

     From automating purchase requisitions to setting up complex approval workflows and managing vendors, Pluto is the ultimate solution to transform a cumbersome procurement process into a faster and more efficient one.

    Key Features:

    • Customizable workflows for purchase requisitions (PRs) and purchase orders (POs)
    • Approval engine adaptable to complex hierarchies
    • Multi-tiered invoice approvals with customizable policies
    • Easy invoice upload via WhatsApp images or email for faster processing
    • Centralized dashboard for consolidated bill tracking and status monitoring
    • Supports both local and international wire transfers for payments
    • OCR technology for automated invoice creation and data entry
    • Seamless ERP integration for vendor, PO, and bill synchronization
    • Integration with various accounting software for payment processing and reconciliation
    • Alerts for upcoming payments and automated invoice scheduling


    • Limited integration with non-card spend
    • The reimbursement dashboard is not intuitive and user-friendly
    • Live chat customer support is not up to the mark

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4.6/5 stars)

    Capterra review: NA

    Try the best Pluto alternative, Nifty.
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    8. Kissflow

    Kissflow for procurement management

    Kissflow is a source-to-pay platform that perfectly aligns with your specific organizational requirements and needs. Imagine having all the tools you need to invite potential suppliers, compare their quotes, and pick the best fit—all in one place. Kissflow simplifies purchasing and gives you unparalleled control as well as visibility over every dollar spent.

    Key Features:

    • Supplier sourcing allows you to easily invite potential suppliers, compare their quotes, and choose the best option
    • Manage the entire supplier lifecycle—from onboarding to performance tracking—in one centralized location.
    • Centralized contract management removes the tedious process of manual contract management. You can set up custom approval workflows and enjoy a centralized contract repository that’s just a few clicks away.
    • Optimal inventory management helps keep track of inventory and reordering with a comprehensive inventory management system
    • Timely invoice processing eliminates delays and errors in invoice processing
    • Analytics helps track and control your organization’s spend so that you can make informed decisions based on real-time data and comprehensive reports
    • Get up and running in just eight weeks with visual form builders and rapid workflow automation


    • Auto update Kissflow datasets functionality can be improved
    • The platform’s UI needs to be better
    • Access to log history is restricted to the plan you have


    • Basic: Starts at $1,500/month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    G2 review: (4.3/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.1/5 stars)

    9. ProcurePort: Go-to e-procurement management software


    ProcureFort is the go-to e-procurement software that helps businesses transform the way they handle procurement. With this platform, companies can achieve significant cost savings and boost procurement efficiency by 60-70%. Whether streamlining processes or improving supplier management, ProcureFort has the tools to make it happen.

    Key Features:

    • Supplier management simplifies supplier onboarding and management with robust information tracking. You can manage all supplier data, including risk and performance, in one centralized location.
    • RFQ (Request for Quote) automates manual processes to reduce errors and increase efficiency. You can easily request competitive quotes from multiple suppliers for better pricing
    • Reverse auctions feature drives cost savings by fostering competition among suppliers through a transparent bidding process
    • Contract management helps keep all contracts in one place for improved visibility and tracking, complete with automated alerts for important dates and milestones


    • The dashboard lacks graphical representations of spending and project execution
    • The tool is known to be glitchy at times

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.8/5 stars)

    10. Airbase


    Airbase’s star procurement feature is Guided Procurement, which integrates everything you’ll need—from risk reviews and privacy reviews to approval reviews and auto-routing of purchases.

    With ProcureDesk’s Guided Procurement, simplifying your purchasing process is a breeze. Your team can easily gather all the necessary details for each purchase. The system then automatically routes this information to the right people using the software users already know and love.

    This seamless approach ensures everyone, from the initial requestor to the final approvers, has a smooth experience. You’ll see improved compliance, faster processing times, better visibility, and more savings.

    Key Features:

    • Guided Procurement, an intake module, helps drive instant management of procure-to-pay activities and streamlines procurement workflows 
    • Powerful integrations with popular apps such as Jira, Ironclad, DocuSign, and more
    • Flexible and no-code approval workflows for various kinds of spending


    • The platform is known to have a steep learning curve
    • The customization options are limited
    • Backend-related issues are not always promptly addressed

    Pricing: Contact the team

    G2 review: (4.8/5 stars)

    Capterra review: (4.8/5 stars)

    How Do Procurement Software Tools Benefit Companies?

    Procurement teams want efficiency that’s AI-powered and automation-driven. As workloads grow and staffing levels decrease, there’s a push to get the most out of available resources and maximize value—sounds like a job for procurement tools. Here’s how:

    • Streamlined processes: Procurement software offers easy access to templates for all necessary documents—purchase requests, orders, contracts, and more. Your team doesn’t need to waste time creating documents from scratch. And if the team is dealing with too much at once, real-time alerts and reminders help them get back on track.
    • Seamless ERP integration: The right procurement software integrates smoothly with your existing ERP system to standardize operations, drive process consistency, and supercharge efficiency.
    • Scalability and flexibility: Cloud-based procurement software eliminates paper trails. The tool connects and allows you to source supplies globally—just as easily as locally—regardless of currency, language, or even logistics.
    • Optimized spend control: Automating procurement management cuts down processing time and improves accuracy. With real-time visibility into how your funds are being used, the team can focus on creating strategic payment options.
      • Procurement software aids in spend management by providing real-time visibility into expenditures.
    • Supply chain optimization: Procurement software helps break down barriers between systems and stakeholders, enhancing supply chain resilience. Large amounts of data are processed in seconds, allowing for accurate and contextual analytics at your fingertips.
      • Procurement software enhances supply chain management by breaking down barriers between systems and stakeholders.
    • Better inventory management: Your inventory team will also benefit from automated procurement tracking—they’ll gain real-time insights into inventory levels and have better control over excess stock, production halts, etc.

    Everyday Challenges of Procurement Management and Supplier Management

    According to the latest estimates, some of the most common challenges the procurement landscape faces in 2024 include:

    • Increasing workload (63%): Procurement teams are inundated with more tasks than ever before, leading to human errors, missed opportunities, and inefficiencies.
    • Declining workforce (38%): As the number of skilled procurement professionals dwindles, the existing staff is often stretched too thin. This shortage exacerbates workload issues and hinders productivity.
    • Employee burnout (37%): The pressure of handling an increased workload with fewer hands on deck leads to burnout. Overworked employees are less productive and more likely to make mistakes.
    • Increasing demands (30%): Stakeholders expect faster turnaround times and more accurate procurement processes. Meeting these demands requires robust systems and well-trained staff, both of which are in short supply.
    • Complex sourcing processes (17%): Navigating the intricacies of sourcing from multiple suppliers, each with unique requirements and processes, adds another layer of complexity. This can slow down the entire procurement process and lead to suboptimal purchasing decisions.

    There’s a raging need to invest in procurement management software that improves operational efficiency and promotes employee well-being.

    But How Do You Choose the Best Procurement Management Solution?

    Here’s your laundry list for choosing the best procurement management software: 

    • User-friendly interface: Choose a procurement tool that’s easy to use. A simple and intuitive interface makes it easier for everyone on your team to navigate and operate efficiently.
    • Easy integration: Look for a procurement tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. This makes it hassle-free to incorporate into your current workflow.
    • Vendor management: A good procurement tool handles every part of the contract process. Find one with strong features for managing contracts and suppliers to keep track of their performance.
    • Contract management: A top-notch procurement tool helps you manage all contract stages smoothly. It ensures you stay organized and on track with all your contracts.
    • Cost: Your tool should allow you to integrate with accounts payable, offer features for processing voices, help you engage in spend analysis, and offer visibility into how you are spending your budget.

    Nifty: The Best Procurement Management Software for Intelligent Sourcing, Smart Working

    The procurement landscape is unpredictable as uncontrollable factors such as inflation continue to negatively affect it. The market is volatile. There are recessionary pressures. There are geopolitical risks. The list goes on.

    Given the scale of multiple moving parts, Whether you want to phase out unreliable vendors or strengthen relationships with reliable ones, you need responsive and agile procurement management software.

    👉  Sign up now and see for yourself. 👈

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