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Top 10 AI Construction Software To Use In 2024

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AI Construction Software

AI has transformed every industry’s operational landscape in one way or another. AI construction software helps enhance safety measures and refine design accuracy, making it a cornerstone of modern construction methodologies.

Most construction professionals consider AI essential for improving project outcomes and operational effectiveness through AI construction site monitoring and AI project management.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the top 10 AI construction software of 2024 and how you can harness these tools for increased competitiveness and innovation in your projects.

What is AI Construction Software?

AI construction software is a category of advanced tools and solutions designed to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize operations within the construction industry. This software utilizes machine learning, data analytics, and automation technologies to improve efficiency, accuracy, safety, and decision-making across all stages of the construction lifecycle.

It includes AI construction project management to reduce workload, detect problems early, improve scheduling and resource management, and AI construction site monitoring for real-time monitoring, instant hazard identification, and integration of 3D models with live camera feeds.

AI tools for construction analyze large datasets and recognize patterns, offering stakeholders valuable insights, forecasts, and guidance. This enables more informed decision-making and streamlines operations effectively. For instance, these tools can assist in:

  • Predicting potential project delays
  • Optimizing the allocation of resources
  • Identifying defects early
  • Recommending design modifications

Ultimately, AI tools for construction aim to transform the construction sector by leveraging AI’s capabilities to address prevalent challenges. This includes reducing cost overruns, boosting productivity, and fostering more efficient construction processes.

How Do Construction Teams Use AI Tools for Construction?

AI tools for construction change how construction teams approach project management, enhancing their work’s speed and quality. Here’s a closer look at how construction professionals are incorporating AI into their daily operations:

  • Project Management: AI tools analyze historical data and ongoing project metrics to optimize schedules, forecast delays, and manage resources effectively.
  • Safety Enhancements: By monitoring sites with AI-driven cameras and sensors, teams can identify safety hazards in real-time and prevent accidents before they occur.
  • Design Optimization: AI software assists in refining architectural designs by suggesting improvements based on structural integrity and compliance with regulations.
  • Resource Allocation: AI algorithms help predict the optimal use of materials and machinery, reducing waste and ensuring timely availability on-site.
  • Defect Detection: Using image recognition and predictive analytics, AI can spot potential defects and quality issues during and post-construction, ensuring higher standards and compliance.
  • Cost Estimation: AI tools provide more accurate cost predictions by analyzing vast amounts of data from similar past projects, helping budget management and financial planning.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leveraging advanced tools and AI-driven analytics, project teams can access real-time data insights to improve decision-making, streamline workflows, and optimize the performance of industrial operations. This facilitates timely interventions and strategic resource allocation.

Top 10 AI Powered Construction Software To Use In 2024

Staying ahead with the best tools is critical to managing complex projects effectively. Let’s look at the top 10 AI construction software to consider in 2024:

1. Nifty: AI Construction project management software

Nifty, best AI Construction software

Nifty is a robust construction project management tool tailored to the industry’s dynamic demands. It consolidates roadmaps, tasks, documents, and discussions into a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools and streamlining project management workflows.

This integration is crucial for construction projects where coordination and real-time updates are critical to success. Nifty’s AI project templates automate the creation of comprehensive workflows. You can create any template using their AI.

Here’s an example of how we crafted a pre-construction planning template using Nifty’s capabilities:

Upon setting up, the template automatically generates a structured workflow, complete with predefined lists representing different phases of construction, statuses that mark progress stages, and specific tasks tailored to each phase.

Each list item or status, when explored further, reveals a detailed breakdown of tasks.

Construction project management template created using Nifty AI

These include primary tasks and their subsequent smaller tasks, each equipped with a concise description, subtasks, and set due dates.

task breakdown

This expedites the project setup process and ensures that the structure meets the particular needs of construction projects. Once created, the templates can be customized, allowing project managers to fine-tune details to align with specific construction requirements.

Nifty Key Features

  • Streamline Project Setup: Leverage AI templates for quick project setup and predictive milestone management, significantly speeding up project initiation.
  • Optimize Resources: Utilize intelligent analytics to optimize resource allocation and minimize waste, ensuring efficient use of materials and labor.
  • Boost Safety Measures: Enhance project safety with AI-powered risk assessment tools, proactively identifying potential hazards to prevent accidents.
  • Enhance Scheduling Accuracy: Improve project timelines through AI-driven forecasting and scheduling, enabling more precise planning and execution.
  • Detect Defects Efficiently: Incorporate AI tools for real-time defect detection and quality control, maintaining high standards throughout construction.
  • Manage Costs Effectively: Implement AI-driven cost management systems for accurate budget forecasting, which will help keep financials under control.
  • Improve Reporting: Engage AI for dynamic project reporting and progress tracking, offering stakeholders up-to-date insights into project status.


  • Some users report the absence of specific functionalities they need for their workflows.
  • Despite strengths, some aspects of task management may need more depth or flexibility.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty offers a free forever plan to get you started with paid plans starting at only $5/month per user with all core features included.

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2. Drawer AI

Drawer AI, AI software for construction drawing

Drawer AI is an innovative AI software developed to enhance productivity by revolutionizing the handling of PDF construction drawings. Currently in stealth mode, Drawer AI is gearing up for a public launch soon. This upcoming release promises to bring a transformative tool to the construction industry geared toward maximizing productivity and accuracy in construction documentation.

This tool, designed to cater to the construction industry’s specific needs, uses advanced machine-learning techniques to interpret, analyze, and manage construction drawings with heightened accuracy and efficiency.

Drawer AI Features

  • Automated Drawing Analysis: Automatically identifies and categorizes different elements within construction drawings, streamlining the review and approval processes.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduces human errors by providing precise measurements and data extraction from digital drawings.
  • Real-Time Updates: Facilitates quick updates and changes to drawings, ensuring all team members have access to the most current documents.

Drawer AI Pricing

  • Custom pricing

3. Fusion 360 Autodesk

Fusion 360 Autodesk

Autodesk Fusion 360 is more than just a CAD tool; it’s a comprehensive design and manufacturing solution that integrates CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB into a single platform.

This seamless integration allows construction professionals to design, simulate, and manufacture within one unified system, enhancing efficiency across the project lifecycle. Facilitating a connected manufacturing process enables teams to go from design to manufacturing faster than ever.

Fusion 360 Autodesk Key Features

  • Streamlined Product Development: Move from initial design to manufacturing seamlessly using cloud-based CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB technologies.
  • Increased Innovation: Connect data and people across your organization to boost operational efficiency and agility, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.
  • Automated Workflows: Leverage design automation, electronic integration, and CAM capabilities to speed up manufacturing processes and reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Design Extension: Automates complex geometry creation, enhancing construction projects’ functionality and aesthetics.

Fusion 360 Autodesk Pricing

  • Monthly Plan: $67/ month
  • Annual Plan: $552/year
    • 3-Year Plan: $1,657 for three years

Fusion 360 Autodesk Pros

  • Enables seamless integration of sectors and professionals on a single platform, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
  • Features like “Insert Fasteners” and “Automated Drawing” significantly streamline digital prototyping and design processes.

Fusion 360 Autodesk Cons

  • Prone to crashes during complex modeling operations, potentially disrupting workflow.
  • Lacks direct integration with Vault Pro, necessitating alternative solutions for project lifecycle management.

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4. Togal.AI

Togal AI, AI powered construction software

Togal.AI revolutionizes pre-construction processes with AI-powered software designed to automate and accelerate estimating tasks. This platform enables estimators to detect, measure, compare quickly, and label project spaces on architectural plans, drastically reducing the time required for manual takeoffs. Togal.AI’s cloud-based collaboration tools enhance productivity by allowing multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously.

Togal.AI Key Features

  • Accelerate Project Takeoffs: Reduce manual data entry and calculation time by 80% with accelerated construction project takeoffs, streamlining the initial stages of project planning.
  • Enable Remote Collaboration: Collaborate remotely from any location using cloud-based project estimate tools, facilitating seamless teamwork across geographies.
  • Automate Interactions: Enhance estimating efficiency by automating interactions with construction plans through AI, optimizing the workflow, and reducing manual effort.

Togal.AI Pricing

  • Essential: $199/user per month
  • Growth: $299/user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Togal.AI Pros

  • Quickly locates materials and specifics within documents.
  • AI algorithms streamline estimating processes, reducing errors and time.

Togal.AI Cons

  • Some users report minor glitches, typical of web-based platforms.


OpenSpace, AI Construction Software is a trailblazer in AI construction software, specializing in preconstruction data analysis. With over 750 million square feet of construction space documented, it offers a revolutionary AI-powered visual documentation platform.

This platform captures comprehensive 360-degree walkthroughs, creating a digital twin of the construction site that enhances planning and decision-making by seamlessly integrating job site images into project workflows.

Additionally, excels in AI construction site monitoring, providing real-time monitoring capabilities powered by advanced computer vision algorithms. Key Features

  • Detailed Project Visualization: Create digital twins with 360-degree site walkthroughs for comprehensive project visualization.
  • Efficient Mapping: Automatically map site images to project plans, significantly reducing the need for manual input and increasing accuracy.
  • Improved Collaboration: Easily integrate visual documentation with project data to enhance stakeholder collaboration and facilitate better communication and decision-making. Pricing

  • Custom pricing Pros

  • Provides precise visual documentation, aiding in accurate preconstruction planning.
  • Automates the mapping of images to plans, significantly speeding up the preconstruction phase. Cons

  • Lacks integration with Autodesk products, limiting compatibility with popular construction software.
  • Image capturing and processing can take time, potentially delaying project timelines.

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6. Downtobid


Downtobid is an innovative platform that transforms how construction bids are managed. It leverages AI to analyze construction plans, identify bid packages, and create customized subcontractor invite lists quickly and efficiently. With $40 million worth of projects already bid through the platform, Downtobid streamlines the bidding process, enabling users to turn construction plans into bid invites within minutes.

Downtobid Key Features

  • Efficiently Detects Bid Packages: Rapidly identifies bid packages directly from construction drawings, streamlining the initial phases of the bidding process.
  • Smart Subcontractor Matching: Matches bid packages with the most suitable subcontractors, ensuring optimal alignment for project needs.
  • Automated ITB Creation: Automates the creation of personalized invitation-to-bid (ITB) documents, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the bidding process.

Downtobid Pricing

  • Free Plan: $0 per month 
  • Pro Plan: $50/user per month

Downtobid Pros

  • Significantly reduces time spent on initial bid preparation.
  • Enhances subcontractor engagement and response rate through personalized invites.

Downtobid Cons

  • Limited project capacity under the free plan may restrict larger-scale operations.
  • Reliance on AI for matching may only sometimes align perfectly with project-specific needs.

7. Zepth


Zepth stands at the forefront of AI-powered construction management, designed to transform project delivery into a safer, faster, and more efficient process.

With Zepth AI Labs, the platform harnesses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to optimize construction workflows, enhance safety measures, and facilitate strategic decision-making. This next-generation tool is tailored to meet the diverse needs of project owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers, promoting better collaboration and profitability across projects.

Additionally, Zepth offers a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that streamline every facet of construction project management, including automated document control, real-time collaboration, advanced analytics, reporting, and integration with other construction technology and BIM tools.

Zepth Key Features

  • Advanced AI Integration: Utilize cutting-edge AI tools from Zepth AI Labs for enhanced construction management.
  • Common Data Environment: Centralize project management to enhance teamwork and boost productivity with Zepth Construction Cloud.
  • Comprehensive Jobsite Management: Oversee all aspects of your construction site, from project financials to risk management, all integrated into one platform.

Zepth Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Zepth Pros

  • Facilitates robust project lifecycle management from planning to operation.
  • Supports unlimited users and data, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Zepth Cons

  • It may involve a learning curve due to its comprehensive and advanced features.
  • Customization and full utilization of all features require dedicated training and setup.

8. Civils.AI

Civils AI, AI construction tool is revolutionizing construction management with its AI-driven platform, designed to automate and streamline handling vast amounts of project data. provides tools for uploading construction reports and CAD drawings into a self-organizing, searchable archive. enhances efficiency in verifying project details against specifications and building codes. The platform has served over 751,642 users and is trusted by leading design and construction teams globally.

Civils.AI Key Features

  • Intelligent Data Extraction: This tool extracts key data from PDF geotechnical reports and other documents, enabling quick access to essential information without manual entry.
  • Seamless Integration: Synchronizes smoothly with tools like Autodesk, OneDrive, and SharePoint, enhancing workflow continuity.
  • Advanced AI Qualification: Offers a specialized online course through Labs to deepen users’ understanding and capabilities in AI-enhanced construction management.

Civils.AI Pricing

  • Individual: $250 one-time payment
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Civils.AI Pros

  • Significantly reduces the time required for data entry and document handling.
  • Improves data reliability and project submissions by automating checks against building codes and specifications.

Civils.AI Cons

  • Some users may need help integrating with existing IT infrastructure.

9. ConWize


ConWize revolutionizes construction estimating and bidding processes with AI-powered software that boosts preconstruction activity productivity. The platform allows users to effortlessly upload historical data, ensuring a seamless transition of information from previous projects. As a fast-growing online construction network, ConWize enhances industry visibility and connects subcontractors with leading construction companies, fostering a vibrant professional ecosystem.

ConWize Key Features

  • Automated Historical Data Upload: Simplifies the incorporation of data from prior projects at the click of a button.
  • Boosted Industry Exposure: Improves visibility and opportunities for collaboration within the construction industry.
  • Comprehensive Bidding Tools: Streamlines the creation and management of bids, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the procurement process.

ConWize Pricing

  • Custom pricing

ConWize Pros

  • Provides unique, construction-specific functionalities that enhance accuracy and efficiency in project pricing.
  • Frequently updated with new features and tools, ensuring the software remains relevant and valuable over time.

ConWize Cons

  • Users may occasionally find specific tools or features needing improvement, which could impact workflow efficiency.

10. Fieldwire


Fieldwire is an AI-powered construction software designed to enhance data analysis and project management on construction sites. Its advanced AI algorithms aggregate real-time data from various sources, providing comprehensive insights into construction progress and performance.

This facilitates data-driven decision-making, leveraging real-time data insights to optimize processes and resource allocation.

Fieldwire’s integration of intelligent reporting tools allows project teams to visualize trends and anomalies, supporting informed decision-making and efficient on-site management. The software is particularly effective in streamlining communication and documentation through features like automated issue tracking, custom forms, and notifications.

Fieldwire Key Features

  • Automated Data Aggregation: Gathers real-time data from multiple sources to provide comprehensive insights.
  • Intelligent Reporting Tools: Enables visualization of project trends and performance metrics for informed decision-making.
  • Effective On-site Management: The intuitive mobile app ensures seamless data capture and instant updates, facilitating efficient on-site project management.

Fieldwire Pricing

  • Basic: $0/month per user
  • Pro: $54/month per user
  • Business: $74/month per user
  • Business Plus: $94/month per user

Fieldwire Pros

  • Fieldwire by Hilti is praised for its ease of use and intuitive navigation, which make it accessible to all users.
  • The platform excels in organizing and quickly retrieving construction data, such as photos, enhancing productivity.

Fieldwire Cons

  • Users need help with text sizing, particularly with extensive backgrounds where the text appears disproportionately large.
  • Uploading pictures can occasionally be difficult, especially when live photo settings are not adjusted, leading to frequent crashes.

Upgrade Your Construction Workflow with AI Today!

Embracing AI in construction management isn’t just a step toward the future; it’s a necessary adaptation to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. From project management and safety enhancements to cost estimation and defect detection, AI construction software offers tools that transform challenges into opportunities.

Integrating AI solutions can unlock potential and drive success as we strive for a more efficient, productive, and safe construction process. Start by evaluating which AI construction software best meets your project needs. Consider factors like feature sets, ease of integration, and specific industry requirements.

Try Nifty for free today and experience the future of construction through enhanced collaboration and streamlined workflows.

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