12 Best Task Management Software 2020 (Comparisons & Reviews)

Every business owner or manager knows how important project management is and how difficult it can actually be. That is the #1 reason why we’re seeing a surge of task management and productivity tools. The market is becoming a bit overcrowded if you ask us, and it is getting increasingly hard to decide which one is the right app for your business.

By the time you finish reading our recommendation of the Best Task Management Software for 2020 article you will know exactly which app will work best for you and your team. We will also give you tips on what to look for when choosing your ideal project management tool. Let’s get going!

How To Choose Your Ideal Project Management Software?

Reading feature lists of project management tools can be quite confusing, especially if you’ve never looked into this field before. Although they often use niche terms to describe their selling points, all good project management tools should tick these three boxes:

Team Collaboration

This one is crucial, as you want to choose an app that lets you easily add/remove team members, which will allow you to scale. Even if you are a freelancer or a solopreneur now, you might change your mind in the future, and decide to start working with someone.

Also, you want to be able to easily communicate with the team members within the app. That will make project management much more straightforward, as you will have everything work-related in one place.

Workflow Flexibility

You want an app with a rich feature list that will let you customize the experience, ensuring it blends into your workflow. Sure, any new piece of software will have a learning curve, but you don’t want it to be too steep.

Features to look for include different ways to view and classify tasks, track time, use analytics and reports, take notes, but also exchange files and communicate with team members. Again, look into your existing workflow — the app should only build on top of that.

We have reviewed a list of the 12 task management tools to help you manage team, clients and increase your productivity.

So, let’s get started.

1. Nifty

Nifty is a one-stop-shop for your projects. It integrates into your existing workflow seamlessly, replacing many other apps you are already using to keep everything in one place.

Nifty keeps things intuitively organized, and in a nutshell, things look like this: Portfolios > Projects > Milestones > Tasks. As a result, everyone on your team is organized and knows exactly what their priorities are and what their workflow looks like, at any point in time. You can go as deep as you want, adding subtasks, files, and docs, while automating assignments of tasks to team members.

What makes Nifty unique is that it never forces you to complicate things, and you get to organize and prioritize them as you want, giving you flexibility. Instantaneously switch between List, Kanban, and Swimlane views, easily converts lists into milestones, and automate progress tracking for projects based on task completions.

Nifty lets you invite Guests and Clients for a more immersive task collaboration experience, which will save you a lot of time, as you won’t have to present things separately. Additionally, task boards and roadmaps can be shared with external collaborators using public share links.

Nifty task features

  • Kanban, List, and Swimlane views
  • Filter and sort tasks by due dates, assignees and tied milestones
  • Automate task assignments by assigning users to entire task lists
  • Set tasks to recur by date or status
  • Task reminders & overdue notifications
  • Convert task lists into milestones for timeline view
  • Customize tasks columns using custom fields
  • Subtasks & Checklists
  • Task Time Tracking

Nifty Pricing

Starter —$39/mo for up to 10 members, 100 GB storage space, 10 active projects, Unlimited Guests and Clients

Pro — $79 per month — 20 members, 500 GB storage space, Unlimited active projects, Unlimited guests and Clients

Business — $124 per month — 30 members, 1 TB storage space, Unlimited active projects, Unlimited guests and Clients

Enterprise — Contact for price — Unlimited members, Custom storage space, Unlimited active projects, Unlimited guests and Clients

Nifty Capterra review score: 4.8/5 (39)

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2. Taskeo

Taskeo is a comprehensive business management platform that helps you seamlessly move your business to the cloud. Successfully replacing several different tools, Taskeo offers you with a number of integrated, feature-rich modules: project management, CRM, time tracking and billing, appointment scheduling and marketing. The flexibility of the platform allows you to mix and match different modules and create your own, unique toolkit. Taskeo is ideal for lawyers, agencies and developer teams looking to do more with fewer apps.

Taskeo task features

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Project Automation
  • Activity Feed
  • Smart Search
  • Multiple project views
  • Inbox
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Task Reminders
  • Subtasks
  • Project and task templates


Basic — $5/per month/per module/per user

Pro — $15/per month/per module/per user

Enterprise — $20/per month/per module/per user

3. Taskable

Taskable is still in beta but deserves to be on a list like this. What makes it unique is that it’s designed to fit into your existing system and make it better without changing things radically.

Taskable integrates with all the popular apps you are already using and even other project management tools. It is designed not to replace them, but to make them work together, making sure you don’t miss anything just because you forgot to open one of your apps that day.

Taskable is your personal productivity wizard. It aggregates all your tasks, communications and information from across your tools, puts them into a single view, and helps you plan and prioritize your day so you always know what to do next.

But, to make sure you are not overwhelmed with too much information, Taskable uses smart prioritization, enabling you to focus on one thing at a time.

Taskable task features

  • Actions bring tasks and communications into a single view
  • Integrations aggregate action items from across work tools
  • Spaces segments Actions by work and personal, or by client and project
  • Subtasks break down action items into smaller steps
  • Prioritization helps users to focus on the highest impact items


$9.99 per user per month

4. Todoist

Entirely unlike the apps from above, Todoist is a veteran in the productivity niche. Anyone who ever considered downloading a productivity app had to run into Todoist, and the unanimous praise it receives.

Todoist is incredibly intuitive as it lets you add and manage tasks in multiple ways, including natural language phrases. Labels are at its core, and through labeling, you get to decide how you want the tasks prioritized. Because Todoist is so widely used, you can find integrations with literally any popular app out there.

Todoist shines for personal productivity, and if you are a freelancer, it might be everything you need. However, if you run a larger team, you will probably find its features lacking, even if you get more expensive plans.

Todoist task features

  • Label tasks by priority
  • Section them and add subtasks
  • Highlight the day’s most important tasks
  • Task & project comments
  • Task tracking and productivity visualizations
  • Completed task list


Three pricing plans:

Free — $0 — up to 80 projects, 5 people per project, limited functions

Premium — $3 per user per month — up to 300 projects, 25 people per project

Business — $6 per user per month — up to 500 projects, 50 people per project

Todoist Capterra review score: 4.6/5 (1113)

5. Flowlu

Flowlu intends to create a single station for your full business needs, where you will be able to manage projects, track time but also run finance and sales for your organization. For an app that tries to do so much in a single place, it is very good. If you are a manager who is tired of running a lot of different apps to get the basics covered, Flowlu might just be the tool you need.

Flowlu is more inclined towards business managers than freelancers or smaller teams, but it does offer a free plan for up to two users. However, most of its advanced tools are probably overkill for someone who is just looking to manage projects and track team productivity.

Flowlu task features

  • Task Time Tracking
  • Task Templates
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Kanban Task View
  • Task Reports


Free — $0 — up to 2 users — Tasks & Projects, Cloud CRM, Lead & Contact Management

Team — $29 up to 8 users — Recurring Task & Task, Task Checklist & Observers, Tasks In a Project Template

Business — $59 up to 16 users –

Flowlu Capterra review score: 4.8/5 (44)

6. Tasklog App

Tasklog (formally known as Tomatoid) is an app that its developers describe as being “freelancer’s best friend” as it is catered around the needs of modern freelancers.

Tasklog, as its name suggests, lets you keep track of all your tasks and log time, which will give you a good idea about your productivity. It also has a conveniently integrated Pomodoro timer to make sure you are not procrastinating. Premium versions offer more features, detailed reports, hourly rates, as well as more integrations.

Tasklog also has a B2B app called Tasklog Teams that lets you do even more. You will be able to track team expenses, for up to 1000 users, all done within the app itself.

If you need a time tracker with some cool reporting features, Tasklog is a great option, especially for freelancers. But, it is not really a one-stop-shop project manager, and you might find the feature set lacking.

Tasklog task features

  • Task Time Tracking
  • Task Manager
  • Pomodoro Tracker
  • Hourly Rate Tracking
  • Expenses Tracking


Basic — $0/forever — Limited functions

Premium — $59/yearly — All functions available

Lifetime — $99/one-time purchase — All functions available

Tasklog Teams:

  • Startup — $50/mo — 50 users
  • Business — $200/mo — 250 users
  • Enterprise — $750/mo — 1000 users

7. Zenkit

Zenkit is a powerful project manager that is a good option for individuals and teams. It is quite adaptable and has some cool features you will definitely like.

For example, Zenkit allows you to share URLs to your collections to your team members, but also clients or audience, keeping everyone updated. You can set up each collection to use its own tools, views, and settings, creating a unique experience for everyone.

Zenkit is very powerful and incredibly well-designed, with some nice features. There are some missing (Gantt charts, for example), but overall it is a very good app.

Zenkit task features

  • Bulk Actions
  • Turn projects in To-do lists
  • Team Tasks
  • Choose between Kanban and Task view
  • Integration with Zapier


Personal — Free — up to 100 collections, 500 items, 1GB attachment space, up to 3 members

Plus — $9 per month per user — Unlimited collections, 50 000 items, 1GB attachment space, unlimited paid members

Business — $25 per month per user — Unlimited collections, 150 000 items, 50 GB attachment space, unlimited paid members

Enterprise — Contact about volume pricing — Unlimited collections, custom items limit, custom attachment space, unlimited paid members

Zenkit Capterra review score: 4.7/5 (209)

8. Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner doesn’t try to be the ultimate productivity app intended for anyone on the planet, no matter the type of business they are in. Instead, it only focuses on enhancing the productivity of tech teams such as those working in IT, marketing, project management, or those offering similar professional services.

LiquidPlanner allows you to plan ahead, put time estimates on tasks, and perform risk assessment, which will always keep you one step ahead. It has an integrated time tracker as well as invoicing, which will make billing much easier.

LiquidPlanner is powerful, but this comes at a cost, as the price quickly builds up, especially if you run a larger team. But, if you have the funds, it will probably be a good investment.

Liquid Planner task features

  • Estimated time ranges for task completion
  • Integrated time tracker
  • Kanban-style flow
  • Card view
  • Custom activity fields for tracking, reporting and invoicing


Free trial — 0$ — Unlimited access to the Professional Tier for 14 days

Professional — $45 per user per month — 2000 active tasks, 25 virtual members, 100GB Document storage, 100 clients, 10 external dashboards

Enterprise — Contact for pricing — Unlimited active tasks, 50 virtual members, 500GB Document storage, Unlimited clients, Unlimited external dashboards

*minimum 5 users required

Liquid Planner Capterra review score: 4.3/5 (624)

9. Infinity

Infinity is a good option for teams of any sizes that need to manage multiple projects at any point in time. Just like Nifty, it is one of the newer tools but is showing promise.

With Infinity, you will have the full control to decide how you want your tasks sorted and filtered. You will always see which task is the priority and who it is assigned to, so there will never be missed deadlines, especially because you can set notifications.

Unfortunately, Infinity doesn’t offer “clients” feature, and some options are missing (no milestone tracking, for example). However, they are constantly improving the app, adding more features to the list, which is excellent.

Infinity task features

  • Classify tasks by folders and subfolders
  • Four different views: List, Column, Calendar, Table
  • Filter tasks by priority, assignees, deadlines
  • Create tabs for different data views
  • Task comments
  • Customizable task notifications


Regular pricing is $9 per user, but they’re offering a pay-once lifetime deal for a limited time. There are five pricing plans.

Team — $99–1 workspace, 10 collaborators, 50GB storage, All features included

Startup — $149–3 workspace, 25 collaborators, 150GB storage, All features included

Business — $299–8 workspace, 50 collaborators, 500GB storage, All features included

Company — $499–15 workspace, 100 collaborators, 2000GB storage, All features included

Enterprise — $899–30 workspace, unlimited collaborators, 5000GB storage, All features included

Infinity Capterra review score: 5/5 (7)

10. Avaza

Avaza has a wide range of features as it is not only great for managing projects and assigning tasks to team members, but also for tracking time, invoicing, quoting, making estimates, and expenses.

There are multiple views to choose from, as well as ways to add tasks (converting emails to tasks is also possible) and visualize information. That means you get the data you want served in a way that is easy to understand and act upon.

Avaza integrates with Zapier, which means that you can connect it with basically any app available, and it will instantly become a part of the workflow and tools you are already using.

Avaza task features

  • Toggle between Kanban, Gantt & List views of tasks
  • Visualize, filter & group tasks both within and across projects
  • Track time directly on tasks
  • Convert emails into tasks
  • Integration with over 500 popular apps


Free — 0$ per month — Unlimited project collaborators, 100 MB storage, 5 active projects, 1 user with admin access

Startup — $9.95 per month — Unlimited project collaborators, 10 GB storage ($0.5 per additional GB /mo), 20 active projects, 1 user with admin access (add more for $5 each/month)

Basic — $19.95 per month — Unlimited project collaborators, 20 GB storage ($0.5 per additional GB /mo), 50 active projects, 2 users with admin access (add more for $5 each/month)

Business — $39.95 per month — Unlimited project collaborators, 30 GB storage ($0.5 per additional GB /mo), Unlimited active projects, 5 users with admin access (add more for $5 each/month)

Avaza Capterra review score: 4.6/5 (325)

11. Hygger

Hygger is a project management tool with a rich feature set that will help your team organize through excellent visual timelines.

You can use traditional task lists, but also kanban boards and sprint boards that will help everyone stay on track. You can also set work in progress limits on your tasks to make sure your team stays focused and isn’t spreading too thin on too many projects at once.

Hygger lets you create charts from presets, score project prioritization, and also integrates with other popular productivity apps, which makes it a good option for any team.

Hyger task features

  • Task list and Kanban board view
  • Sprint boards
  • Organize task flow with swimlanes
  • WIP limits
  • Integrations with other apps


Free — 0$ — Unlimited users, Unlimited projects and boards, 50 tasks, 100 MB storage

Standard — $7 per user per month — Unlimited users, Unlimited projects and boards, Unlimited tasks, Unlimited storage, Unlimited integrations

Enterprise — $14 per user per month — All standard features + Multiple projects per board, Unlimited API Access, Branded Workspace

Hygger Capterra review score: 4.6/5 (109)

12. Asana

Asana needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular project management apps of all time. One of the OGs of productivity is still going strong and is worth considering for teams of any size.

What made Asana great, and what still is its central feature of the tool is the way how it lets you organize your tasks. One look at the dashboard will tell you everything you need to know about the project’s current state. You will see who is working on each part of the project, where things are headed, and will always have the big picture in front of you.

Asana is widely used, and integrations with other apps are there, as expected. If you decide to pick Asana, you are definitely going to find all of the other productivity tools you have in your arsenal.

Asana task features

  • Board, List, Timeline and Calender Task view
  • Break up tasks into subtasks
  • Group tasks into sections
  • Add custom fields in tasks
  • Task dependencies


Basic — 0$ — Manage tasks and personal to-dos, collaborate with up to 15 teammates, Integrate with favorite apps

Premium — $13.49 per user per month — Timeline, Custom fields, Milestones, Unlimited free guests

Business — $30.49 per user per month — Everything in premium + Portfolios, Workload, Proofing

Enterprise — Contact for price — Everything in Business + SAML, Data Export and deletion, Custom branding

Asana Capterra review score: 4.4/5 (8627)


We hope that our Task Management Software Comparisons article helped you make the decision and that you now know which app is the best choice for your business.

If you still can’t decide, our advice is to pick the ones you liked the most, and test them yourself. Sign up for the free plans/trials, and see how the app behaves first-hand. That is the best way to know how the app behaves in your case, as every business has its own workflow and needs.

Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most, or if you feel that we should have added another tool on the list. Stay productive!

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